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About Us

My Own Fingerprint custom creates personalized and standard fingerprint products including watches, apparel, and art.  Based out of Los Angeles, our company was pioneered by a real-life Crime Scene Investigator who realizes the importance of maintaining one’s individuality.

Unlike other fashion brands, you choose what you want and how you want it through our interactive site.  Select from a variety of clothing styles and colors and decide if you want your fingerprint on the front or back of your garment.  Essentially, you are the designer of your own biometric product.  The entire customization process from start to finish takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

If you are looking for a great gift or a fast-shipping fingerprint tee, try our "Standard Fingerprint Line."  Each T-shirt and watch is imprinted with a generic fingerprint image and ships within 48 hours. Also included is an ink strip collection kit (free of charge).  You can use the kit to place a customized order in the future, give the card as a unique present, or use the collection card to safe keep your child's prints.  The choice is yours.

We are each born with patterns on fingers, palms, toes and feet that are unique to us and persist through time.  So wear it on your clothes, on your wrist or even have it in your home; any way you do it, identify yourself.  Watch our informational My Own Fingerprint video below to learn more.