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My Own Fingerprint Blog

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift this year?  Well check out the Huffington's Post's latest article:  We're happy to announce our fingerprint T-shirts made the top 10!

Fingerprint shirts, watches and art?  Yes.  For Crime Scene Investigator Erika Di Palma, fingerprints have long been a staple in her everyday life; now the Los Angeles-based 30-year old has successfully parlayed her forensic background into a venture that puts the fun in functional, with a fashionable twist.

In 2011, Erika launched My Own Fingerprint, an apparel/accessories collection featuring individuals' fingerprints imprinted on customized items.  The idea sparked from her profession - collecting real life fingerprints from crime scenes.  Today, the cutting-edge company continues to evolve, marking a successful crossover for the...

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My Own Fingerprint is excited to announce our attendance at a trade show today in Anaheim, California.  The organization hosting the function is the Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers with several hundred members.  Feel free to come by the Crown Plaza Hotel if you reside locally.


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Advances in DNA over the past two decades have been astonishing.  Many even consider DNA the most rigorous form of forensic science.  However, every science has its limitations.  One of DNA's limitations is that it cannot distinguish between identical twins.  Fingerprints can.

In this 2008 nationwide case, the wrong identical twin brother was accused of murdering a teacher in Atlanta, Georgia.  His DNA matched but when fingerprints from the scene were collected and analyzed, detectives quickly realized they had incarcerated the wrong person.

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My Own Fingerprint's Fingerprint Patterns was published in the Forensic Magazine (June/July 2012 edition, Page 36-37).  To understand why fingerprints are all different, one must understand biological uniqueness.  This article displays the fingerprint patterns we all have and their subcategories.

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A recent article published entitled Forensic Fingers published in Chemistry World caught my attention.  It seems a team of researchers in the United States have created a sensor that Crime Scene Investigator can wear on their fingers to search for gunshot and explosive residue while processing a scene.  The entire scanning process takes only four minutes.  One of the greatest advantages of this invention is that it can lead to on-site sampling therefore reducing the number of samples needed to be collected.  It looks like the entrepreneurial spirit and forensics meet again.

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I came across this great crime scene chemical processing tip!  When latent prints are left on porous surfaces, like paper, keep "PINS" in mind.  Begin processing the paper with powder (P), then iodine (I), followed by ninhydrin (N), and concluding with silver nitrate (S).

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