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Q. If I order a product and am not happy with it, can I return it?

A. Every masterpiece created at My Own Fingerprint was made just for you.  Since they are unique to you, we cannot accept returned custom goods.  Please review the apparel sizing chart before ordering to ensure a proper fit.  Watches need to be sized to your preference by a local jeweler.  However, our Standard Fingerprint Products can be returned or exchanged.

Q. I need my item ASAP.  How quickly can it arrive?

A. Having custom made goods takes time and preparation.  Personalized orders arrive anywhere from 2-3 weeks after we receive your ink strip collection card.  If you need your masterpiece for a special occasion, please order well in advance.  You can also order one of our generic fingerprint products which ship out quickly and come equipped with an ink strip collection kit that may be used for future orders (a free $9.99 value).

Q. Should I be concerned that someone could steal my identity?

A. Highly unlikely. If someone were to take a photograph of your fingerprint T-shirt distortion (wrinkles, etc.) would exist.  When replicated, that distortion would also reproduce.  Therefore, if someone really wanted to steal your identity, taking an enlarged fingerprint image from one of our products would not be ideal.

My Own Fingerprint, Inc. does not assume liability once your fingerprint product has shipped.

Q. Could someone take a picture of my fingerprint shirt and somehow leave it at a crime scene?

A. Again, it is possible but the chances of it happening are highly unlikely.  If someone were to attempt to replicate a fingerprint from your T-shirt and leave it at a crime scene, most fingerprint examiners would be able to detect this type of fraud upon receiving evidence.

Q. Is there sales tax added onto my item?

A. Sales tax of 9.0% will be applied to California residents only.

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Shipping is $2.99 per item anywhere through USPS First Class Mail.  If you order three T-shirts for example, you will be charge $8.97 in shipping ($2.99 x 3). For international customers outside of the United States, there is a $3.99 per item international shipping fee applied.

Q. Can I order a shirt with a generic fingerprint on it?

A. Yes, our line of generic fingerprint shirts ship quickly and come equipped with a free fingerprint collection kit attached (a $9.99 value).  You may use the collection card to place a personalized order online or simply retain the card as a keepsake.  A portion of the proceeds from all generic sales goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenClick here to see our Generic Fingerprint Apparel line.

Q. What type of printing is done on the shirts?

A. We use Direct-to-Garment printing on our custom made apparel and Screen Printing on our generic line.

Q. How do I know if a shirt will fit properly?

A. A measurement chart is included so you can measure yourself accordingly.  Certain items can run small or large, so it is advised to follow the measurement chart to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Q. How should I wash and dry my shirt?

A. Apparel should be washed inside out on a gentle cycle with cold water.  It is recommended that apparel be washed prior to wearing.  When machine drying, use a gentle cycle set on low heat or air dry.  To avoid shrinkage, lay flat to dry.  To maintain the life of the design, products should be ironed inside out on a low heat without the use of steam.

Q. Can I order a watch with a generic fingerprint on it?

A. Yes, a generic fingerprint can be ordered on any apparel, watch, or art piece.  Select “I want a generic fingerprint” in the drop-down menu when placing your order.

Q. Does my watch come in a box?

A. Yes!  Our My Own Fingerprint timepieces come in a beautiful My Own Fingerprint case, free of charge.  Movado and ESQ watches come in the manufacturer’s custom case.

Q. Is insurance included with shipping?

A. Yes, every watch is insured up to $100 when shipped.  You can rest assured your watch will arrive safely.  If purchasing a more expensive watch, the insurance amount will be increased free of charge to match the price of the timepiece.

Q. Can I order a watch and give you my wrist size so that it fits?

A. The leather band watches are adjustable so will fit most people.  The metal band watches have a standard band and would need to be sized by a local jeweler.

Q.  How is printing done on the watches?  Is the fingerprint placed on the outside or inside of the watch?

A.  Your own fingerprint is imprinted on the inside of the dial.

Q.  Does my watch come with a warranty?

A.   Yes.

Don't see your question above?  Feel free to email us any time at