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Privacy Policy

At “My Own Fingerprint,” the safety and privacy of our customers’ personal data is of paramount importance. Our policies and procedures were formulated upon the premise of maintaining privacy at the highest of levels. As a result, customers can rest assured knowing that their identity will never be compromised.

During the order and production process, we do not share your fingerprint or personal information with anybody outside those involved in the artwork creation and shipping process. After the production process, the original fingerprint kit bearing the customer’s fingerprint is destroyed.  Additionally, we keep a digital copy of your fingerprint on file for only one year.  This is only so that a customer can place another order in the future without having to submit another ink strip collection card.  This electronic file can be deleted upon a simple email request.  We also do not have access to any law enforcement fingerprint databases, DMV databases, or miscellaneous government databases, and vice versa. Your fingerprint and personal information are always kept completely confidential – as it should be.

Feel free to contact us regarding other privacy concerns at or by calling (323) 379-9113.